Sandie Degnan

Group Leader


Marine invertebrate biology: an eco-devo approach.

The fuel for evolution comes from interactions between organismal genomes and environment. Over evolutionary time, these molecular-level interactions during the developmental process that lays down the animal body plan have generated the extraordinary animal diversity that graces our planet. In ecological time, developing embryos and larvae must detect and respond to the precise nature of their environment to generate a locally-adapted functional phenotype. Using coral reef invertebrates from phyla that span the animal kingdom, we study these gene-environment interactions by integrating molecular and cellular aspects of development with behavioural ecology in natural populations. We work primarily with embryonic and larval life history stages of indirect developers, as these are crucial to the survival, connectivity, and evolution of marine populations.                                      


PhD (Molecular Zoology)

Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences

ph:  61-7-33469005

fax: 61-7-33651655

Goddard Bldg (8), Rm 323

Research Overview

Undergraduate teaching 2012 - 2013

BIOL1020   Genes, Cells & Evolution (Genomics and Population Genetics)

BIOL2201   Evolution

BIOL3211   Marine Invertebrates

BIOL3219   Coral Reefs

MARS3200  Advances in Marine Science

SCIE3011   Perspectives in Science Research (for the Advanced Studies Program in Science)